THE Buffing Pad Specialists since 1987

. . . offering  a full range of high quality, USA-made, buffing and polishing pads and accessories for multiple industries, including automotive, marine, aerospace, and industrial.

In its humble beginnings, the founders of Buff and Shine embraced three philosophical principles that have become the pillars that now support this worldwide industrial leader.  Those principles are:

•    focus on quality;

•    responsiveness to the needs of users; and,

•    continuous technology improvement.

The Buff and Shine recipe for excellence starts with quality materials and adds input from customers and end-users.  Then, utilizing high-quality customized manufacturing equipment, the company’s expert product engineers produce consistently reliable and high-quality products that will give the end user better results in less time.  Learn more about the company here

Buff and Shine offers a comprehensive line of pads and accessories for all types of polishing equipment and applications, including high-speed simple rotary, dual-action (DA), random-orbit, as well as newer technologies like forced-rotation, gear-driven, high-action, and long-throw polishers.  The company offers a full range of pad materials like wool, micro-fiber, hybrids, and numerous foams, including closed-cell, open cell, American and Euro foams.  Additionally, each of these pads come in multiple sizes to fit all your polishing equipment.  Buff and Shine also offers a full line of accessories for automotive and other cleaning applications.  Click here to see our products.

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