Applicator Pads

Not all applicator pads are created equal.  There are many opinions regarding likes and dislikes over what applicator pad is best.  Again, we listen and expand our line based on customer feedback.  Thus, we have a broad range of applicator pads and for some reason; we still receive suggestions to bring in even more shapes and sizes.
We have taken the standard foam applicator to the next level of development. Instead of cheap grade foam, we offer them made from the same material used in our high-grade foam buffs.  This upgrade will give you superior tensile strength, open cell construction for improved foam ventilation and the correct firmness and shape for a more secure grip.   Uses include: hand waxing, either liquid or paste wax, tire dressing and interior dressing application.

Our blue micro fiber applicators are typically being used to apply liquid or cream wax to a car, boat or motorcycle paint.  They are usually industry standard size of 3”x 5”x 1” (approximate).    However, there is a larger version of 5”x 7”x 1” (approximate) and round applicators.   Our other applicators are made of a terry cloth with stripes through the material which have been a standard in the industry as a multi-purpose applicator.

The Tire Dressing Sponge has been around for years and is a popular seller, the design has a notch for easy hand placements and the sponge absorbs dressing like no other in the industry.