Generally, there are two to three tools common to the detail process of buffing.  That is the high-speed buffer and the smaller random orbit buffers.  There is also the larger random orbit buffer but they have only one way of attaching their drive pads and bonnets, so adaptors are not applicable.

The standard high-speed buffer has a male 5/8”x 11male-threaded spindle.  In the case where a technician wants to buff with a double-sided wool pad, he would need an adaptor that would spin onto the afore mentioned male spindle.  We have the adaptor for this purpose.  One end is female the other male. The male end spins into the middle of the double-sided pad and has a built in stop to prevent the thread from the adaptor to contact the buffing surface.  In some parts of the world the high-speed buffer spindles can be 14mm or even 16mm threads.  We distribute the 5/8 x 11 adaptor and 14mm adaptor.  

We also have adaptors for our smaller backing plates to convert from a high-speed backing plate into a drill mount, air tool equipped with a drill chuck or DA mount.