Car Wash Items

Being in a very car oriented environment with hundreds of full service car wash businesses; we have the opportunity to hear from our customers on what hits the mark and what doesn’t.   In terms of wash mitts, we offer a nice range of car wash mitts that are durable and hold the right amount of soap and water.   It may sound easy to come up with the right wash mitt, but people who wash cars for a living all day are very particular in this regard.  It’s like finding the happy medium, too much water retention and it’s like lifting weights all day, not enough requires too many returns to the “bucket” for more soap and water.  

We offer a car wash mitt with or without the cuff opening and two sizes of wash pads.  We offer the pads and mitts in two grades of synthetic material we call standard and heavy duty.  The heavy-duty mitt is just that a HEAVY DUTY maximum soap and water retention pad/mitt.  Our standard grade is of the same material with a normal soap and water retention capability.  They’re easy to clean and will last several uses if cleaned after every use. 
A new item we launched awhile back was our CAR WASH MOP.  Being in the car wash capital of the world we received numerous requests for this item and we made it with Buff and SHINE quality improvements.  The car wash mop head unit is full 9” in diameter   to cover more area per pass.  We added a soft rubber molding on the outer edge of the mop head to prevent the mop head from cutting though the bonnet and making scuff marks if the user applies to much pressure or accidently hits the vehicle with the car wash mop head.  The car wash mop bonnet is made from our best quality heavy duty wash mitt material along with super strong elastic for extra life.   This car wash mop is a great tool for small and large vehicles and for those hand wash car washes.  It saves you time, keeps your hands dry and requires less bending and stooping when compared to traditional hand held wash mitts.