Microfiber Products

Much has been said about the positive influence micro fiber has made on the detailing industry, all of it being true.  Micro fiber cloth towels have replaced terry cloth and diapers as the preferred towels for glass cleaning/drying, dusting, wax removal and a host of other detail related cleaning tasks.  The one thing that micro fiber cloths and towels should not be used for is cleaning with harsh chemicals like body solvents, degreasers and lacquer thinners.   Save these tasks for shop rags.  Care must also be taken not to cross contaminate the towel with materials that can stick to the towel like metal shavings or debris from the floor.  Micro fiber is great for what they do, but they are like a magnet.  

Micro fiber cloths and towels are more specialized now with larger sizes for drying/cleaning and even towels made just for cleaning glass.   The glass cleaning micro fiber has a smooth surface that allows the towel to glide over the surface without sticking or leaving lint behind.  Micro fiber towels have evolved and are being made into wax applicators and bonnets for random orbit polishing/waxing machines. Call customer service at 800 659 2833 for more information or to purchase micro fiber wax applicators and towels.