Rotary Polisher - Backing Plates

Our High Speed backing plates were redesigned years back to spin true and hold up to the abuse of the rotary polisher.  This wasn’t an easy task and took years to get them right.  We offer this style of backing plate in 5/8” x 11, 14mm and 16mm threads in diameters of 7”, 6”, 5” and 3”.  We are working on a 2” and 1” diameter so stay tuned.
In our 7” line we offer a RIGID, HYBRID and Flexible style plate.  The 1938HD is a RIGID plate with no flexibility keeping the wool or foam pad flat at all times.  The 1800 series is a HYBRID where the entire plate is injected molded being the strongest of the three.  It’s RIGID in the center and flexible around the edge.  This style of plate is great for those technicians that like to buff on the edge but know how to keep the pads flat through the buffing stage.  Our 700Y series plate is a very flexible one it has a bendable edge of almost 2” from the edge being more forgiving and allowing the technician to edge up on body panels.